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What is a Loss Assessor?

What is a Loss Assessor? – A Loss Assessor works on behalf of the insured or policyholder in the preparation and negotiation of an insurance claim. He or she are experts in all matters relating to construction and thus are beneficial to have on your side when trying to deal with the insurance company.

Once a claim has been notified to the insurance company, they will appoint a firm of Loss Adjusters to handle the claim on their behalf. A Loss Assessor will then deal with a Loss Adjuster so you don’t have to. Whether you have a claim relating to escape of water, storm, subsidence, fire or flood, a highly qualified Loss Assessor can work for you in making sure that you receive the fairest and best settlement available.

What’s the difference between a Loss Assessor and a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss Adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company whereas the Loss Assessor works for you in order to reach a better outcome with the insurance company. One of the Loss Assessor’s main jobs is establishing the reason for the loss and determining whether or not you will be covered under your insurance policy.

They will visit the location where the damage occurred and accurately assess the level of damage. Following on from this, they will determine the scope of repairs and prepare a detailed Bill of Quantities for submission to the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster, who will then review this document and return with settlement proposals of his own.

As Loss Adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company, they are generally obliged to cut down the claim as much as possible to reduce the insurer’s outgoings. Hence, they are more likely to look for any evidence which may disprove your claim or ensure a lower settlement. Therefore, hiring an experienced Loss Assessor to handle and negotiate your claim can be very beneficial

The Role of a Loss Assessor

A certified Loss Assessor manages each and every aspect of your claim. First and foremost, they will report your claim to the insurance company and make sure a firm of Loss Adjusters are appointed. He or she will then meet the representatives of the insurance company or their hired Loss Adjuster and undertake the negotiation process with them. If your claim has been declined, a Loss Assessor may also be appointed by an insured to assist in helping fight the case or even if a claim has been delayed or handled incorrectly.

Ultimately, the role of the Loss Assessor is to get you the best possible settlement available and will fight incredibly hard on your behalf to make sure that this happens. How will you, the policyholder know if you have received a full and fair settlement? Don’t leave things to chance, call us today on 01-4979-432.