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Smoke Damage Claims

Smoke damage claims usually arise from a fire that starts in a home or commercial premises. Having a fire can be one of the most traumatic experiences for any homeowner, family, or business.

You may have even heard the old expression: “There’s no smoke without fire!” However, it is important to note that you can still have smoke damage without an actual fire taking place. The effects can still be devastating, causing major damage to the internal fabric of your home and everything in it. Typically though, fire damage and smoke damage go together.

In addition to direct fire damage, a home or business owner must also deal with the associated smoke damage that occurs from that fire. In addition, there could also be water damage caused by the fire brigade which needs to be addressed.

smoke damage claims

Are smoke damage claims covered under my policy?

Damage caused by smoke would be covered under a basic homeowners insurance policy and commercial insurance policy. However, insurance companies will oftentimes attempt to downplay the extent of the damage and undervalue the claim.

At N.J. Carroll & Associates, we use our experience and claims expertise to deliver a settlement that allows you to get your home or business back together when disaster strikes.

Without the right knowledge and advice, it can be very difficult to make a proper fire damage insurance claim.

Hence, you must take account of this smoke damage in order to properly restore your home or business.

Tips for Making A Smoke Damage Insurance Claim:

If your home or business has been affected by smoke damage, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Call an insurance loss assessor or your insurance company/agent immediately following a fire. If you decide to use an insurance loss assessor, call them straight away and they will report the claim for you. Otherwise, you can report it straight to your insurer/agent directly. However, do not delay. Delays in reporting smoke property damage claims may result in your insurance company taking longer to process your claim which could potentially slow down the time it takes to repair the damages to your property.

  • Review your homeowner’s or business insurance policy. If your policy was lost in the fire, you can request another copy from your insurance company or insurance agent. On the declarations page, look for information regarding your policy’s coverage such as what the excess is, whether there are any limitations or exclusions and if there are any filing deadlines. If you are unsure about what kind of coverage your homeowner’s policy might have, get in touch with us and we can advise you of this. Alternatively, your insurer can advise you of this as well. They will be able to provide you with additional details as to what is covered under your policy.

  • If possible, take photos or videos of the damage.

  • Try not to disturb the affected area as you take photos or videos of the damage. Allow only your loss assessor or insurance company’s representative on site to avoid causing any further damage. At this stage, your property may pose a risk of harm to yourself or others due to any potential structural damage caused to your home by the fire.

  • Begin gathering all of the necessary information needed to report the claim. For smoke property damage claims, this information may include but is not limited to:
  • Your insurance details and policy number
  • The date of the loss
  • The extent of damages (fire, smoke, water, or all three?)
  • Location of the damage
  • Contact information for the property owner
  • Your personal contact information if you’re not the property owner
  • Receipts for all repairs, restoration, and other related costs
  • Receipts for any hotels etc. if the damage forced you to find other emergency accommodations
  • Complete list of all damaged furniture, drapes, carpeting, etc. that require replacement

In smoke property damage claims, it is very important that damaged goods or contents items are not disposed of before our site visit as these will be included in the insurance claim. We will also arrange alternative accommodation for you whilst the repair works are taking place.

Should I use a Public Loss Assessor?

A public loss assessor works on your behalf to advise on a number of issues that arise after a fire, including protecting your property, alternative accommodation, disposal of damaged goods, salvage values, etc.

For smoke property damage claims, a professional loss assessor will be vital in including things that you might not even think of such as the micro-cleaning of electrical sockets and ducts.

We can also identify items that absorb smoke and cannot be cleaned easily such as soft furnishings and kitchen units made of chipboard etc.

Why Choose N.J. Carroll & Associates?

At N.J. Carroll & Associates, we are claims specialists who accurately estimate the cost of repairs and handle your fire and smoke damage claim from start to finish, taking the stress and hassle away from you. We will report your claim immediately and arrange an onsite damage assessment inspection with the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to take place as soon as possible.

Following this inspection, we compile a full scope of work for you and submit this to the loss adjuster which is then negotiated until you receive the best possible deal. We also operate on a No win, No Fee basis so you will there are no call-out charges and you will only be billed on the full and final settlement.

We’re here to help.

We are qualified professionals and work hard to make sure you receive the full entitlement under your insurance policy and work to finalize settlement figures and proposals as quickly as possible.

Reading and understanding your policy documents is an integral part of what we do. Leave the complicated insurance jargon to us!

For any help or further information, please call our office on (01) 4979432

What if my claim is already underway?

For homeowners and business owners – even if your claim has already started, it’s not too late to call N.J. Carroll & Associates and get us on your side to help fight your case.

For example, it might have been weeks or even months since your fire and you may be having problems with your insurer, their loss adjuster, or with their proposed settlement. If this is the case, then we can still step in and take over the negotiations.

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