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What’s the Difference Between a Loss Assessor and a Loss Adjuster?

A Loss assessor vs loss adjuster, what is the difference? We regularly get calls from people thinking they need a loss adjuster to handle their claim when in reality, they need to appoint a loss assessor to represent them.

What’s the Difference Between a Loss Assessor and a Loss Adjuster?

Loss Assessor Vs Loss Adjusters

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Loss adjusters and loss assessors are similar but also quite different. The key difference is that a loss adjuster works for the insurance company and acts primarily on their behalf, whereas loss assessors work for you, the policyholder. Now lets look closely at what each one does.

What Does a Loss Adjuster do?

Chartered loss adjusters are specialists in dealing with insurance claims. They are appointed and paid for by the insurance company to investigate and settle claims on their behalf. They are there to gather evidence, determine what caused the loss and whether it is covered by your insurance policy. They will try to gather as much evidence as possible and assess the damage for themselves.

Naturally, in the event of a claim, an insurance company will seek to minimise the claim and reduce the amount of money they have to pay out to policyholders. For example, in some instances, a loss adjuster may appoint a forensic engineer to call out and provide a report on the cause of damage. Based on this report, they could then recommend that the claim either be declined or for the claim settlement to be substantially reduced according to the engineer’s findings.

In essence, they will examine your claim from the insurer’s point of view. Hence, as the loss adjuster’s fees are paid directly by the insurance company, they may actively seek to cut down the claim as much as they can. On the surface, they are hired to see if they can find some reason to turn down your claim. This is why it is important for a claimant to have a qualified loss assessor who will act on their behalf.

What Does a Loss Assessor Do?

An independent loss assessor works for you, the policyholder, in the preparation and negotiation of an insurance claim in order to reach a better outcome with the insurance company. Once a claim has been notified to the insurance company, they will appoint a firm of loss adjusters to handle the settlement of the claim on their behalf. When an insurance loss assessor is appointed by the policyholder, they will then handle the claim with a loss adjuster and negotiate all aspects of it so you don’t have to. 

They are experts in all matters relating to the claim process and construction and thus are beneficial to have on your side when trying to deal with the insurance company. Like the loss adjuster, one of the loss assessor’s main jobs is also to determine the cause of the loss and to advise you on whether or not you will be covered under your insurance policy.

Whether you have a home or business insurance claim relating to escape of water, storm, subsidence, fire or flood, a highly qualified public loss assessor can work for you in making sure that you receive the fairest and best settlement available. This makes the insurance claim process much more straightforward for you.

They will visit the site of the loss and accurately assess the level of damage so that you can make your claim correctly. Following on from this, they will determine the scope of repairs and prepare a detailed bill of quantities for submission to the insurance company’s loss adjuster, who will then review this document and return with settlement proposals of his own.

Why Choose N.J. Carroll & Associates as Your Loss Assessor?

N.J. Carroll & Associates are property claims loss assessors and have been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years and are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Hence, we are one of the most experienced loss-assessing firms in Ireland and offer a full claims management service. We ensure that get you the maximum settlement available and will fight incredibly hard on your behalf to make sure that this happens.

The loss adjuster will have the insurance company’s best interest in mind whereas, N.J. Carroll & Associates will have your best interest in mind. How will you, the policyholder know if you have received a full and fair settlement? Don’t leave things to chance, call us today at 01-4979-432.

How We Can Help You

As your appointed representative, we can help you make a successful claim by:

  • Preparing, submitting and negotiating your claim.
  • Assessing the full extent of damage, and other aspects relating to both buildings and contents.
  • Making sure that your insurer accepts liability for the damage straight away to avoid any delays
  • Organising alternative accommodation where necessary.
  • Organising interim payments to cover emergency costs such as re-stocking or replacing plant and equipment etc.
  • Calculating the full losses for your business interruption claim, including loss of profit and increased cost of working.
  • Liaising with your insurer and the loss adjuster that has been appointed, to ensure that you receive the full amount to which you are entitled from your insurance provider.

If you want us to make an insurance claim on your behalf, or for more information about the difference between loss assessors and loss adjusters, or for a free consultation, call us today on 01-4979-432

When to Appoint a Loss Assessor

A loss assessor can also be called upon to assist in cases where an insurance company has declined a claim or where settlements have been otherwise halted. However, it is crucial that you appoint a loss assessor as early as possible, ideally when you know you are going to have to make a claim.

When you hire a loss assessor as early as you possibly can, not only will you increase your chances of making a successful claim, but you also won’t have to deal with your insurers, who can often be extremely awkward and unhelpful. This will enable you to get on with your life as soon as possible.

However, when you wait until your insurers start messing you about, it will not be as easy for us to prepare and present a successful claim. Therefore, for best results, it is imperative that you appoint a loss assessor as soon as you realise you will be submitting a claim.

N.J. Carroll & Associates is one of the oldest loss-assessing firms in Ireland. We have helped thousands of clients achieve the settlement they desire. As a result, you can rest assured that we will possess a full understanding of your policy’s terms and conditions and will be able to accurately quantify and negotiate your claim.

N.J. Carroll & Associates will handle every aspect of your claim process. They will help with every stage of your claim, from the paperwork to the more practical aspects. They will meet with insurance company representatives, or their appointed loss adjusters, in order to negotiate the best possible claim settlement for you. Loss assessors are typically:

  • Excellent negotiators and experts when it comes to the terms of your insurance policy.
  • Know how to properly quantify claims to ensure that you claim for the right things.
  • Have a thorough understanding of how the insurance company claims department works.
  • Can obtain interim payments when you need them.
  • Never work for insurance companies, and are the only party in the entire claims process who will act entirely on your behalf.

Loss Assessors fees

Loss assessors typically operate on a “no win no fee” basis and charge a percentage of the total claim settlement they are able to get you. This is somewhere in the region of 10% of the overall claim. However, the additional monies that a loss assessor is able to secure for you often far exceed this fee. In many instances, an experienced loss assessor can increase your claim payout by up to 70%, ensuring that you receive your full entitlement under your policy.

Loss Adjusters Fees

As loss adjusters are employed by the insurance company, their fees are paid by them.


Loss Assessors work for the policyholder (i.e. the property owner) whereas loss adjusters are appointed by, paid for and represent the insurance company.

If you think you have a claim, you should always phone N.J. Carroll & Associates on 01-4979-432 before your phone insurer.