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Common Insurance Claim FAQ

Below are some common insurance claim FAQ:

What is a Loss Assessor?  

A loss assessor is a professional person who handles the preparation, negotiation and settlement of a claim on behalf of an insured. The loss assessor works for you, the policyholder and is there to represent your interests. 

What is a Loss Adjuster?

A loss adjuster is a professional person appointed by an insurance company to act on their behalf to negotiate and settle a claim.  She/He is the insurance company’s designated representative and will negotiate a claim with a loss assessor.

Who is the Claimant?

A claimant is a person claiming their insurance company or a third party’s insurance company under the provisions written in a policy. In other words, you.

What type of insurance losses do we deal with?

N.J. Carroll & Associates handle all types of insurance losses, the most common being fire, storm, flood, burst pipes, burglary and product liability. We also prepare third-party losses.

If I already have a broker why would I use a Loss Assessor?

The broker is an intermediary acting on the insurer’s behalf, selling insurance policies in return for a commission. Their most important task is to advise you on the types of cover you require and then arrange this cover at the best possible terms. Understandably, their staff are trained particularly for this role and this field of expertise is invaluable to you. Insurance brokers, however, generally do not have Quantity Surveyors or Accountants on their staff and would therefore be unable to prepare claims involving Building or Consequential losses which by their nature require such specialists. As N. J. Carroll & Associates have these specialists on their staff, they are unique in the type of service they can provide for you.

How can I make a claim?

If you have suffered an insured loss and wish to make a claim and employ the services of N.J. Carroll & Associates we would need the following information;-

  •  Name of Insured
  •  Risk Address
  •  Correspondence Address
  •  Insurance Company
  •  Policy Number
  •  Name of broker (if any)
  •  Date of incident
  •  Report the claim to your insurance company.
  •  Liaise with any loss adjuster appointed by insurers.
  •  Assess the damage.
  •  Prepare a Bill of Quantities and submit it to insurers or their representatives.
  •  Negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.  We will never accept any settlement offer without your prior approval.
  • Get it right, ring us now. We will handle all aspects of your claim from the first report to the final settlement.

What is the Risk Address

The risk address is the address at which the loss occurred. 

What are the sums insured?

Sums insured are the amounts insured for on building or contents, or in the case of a business on building, fixtures & fittings, consequential loss/business interruption. N. J. Carroll & Associates can carry out full policy reviews on both houses and businesses to ensure that policyholders are adequately insured for any loss that may occur.

What are the fees involved?

We handle claims on a no-win no fee basis and there is no charge for an initial consultation.  Our fee is based on a percentage of the total settlement achieved.  This can vary depending on the size or type of loss but our standard fee is 8% plus VAT of monies agreed of the total settlement of the claim prior to deduction of policy excess. Payment to us is due upon receipt of initial monies received from an insurance company.  Our fee will be discussed during our site inspection and will be confirmed in writing.