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Escape of Water

Escape of water is one of the most common causes of damage to properties. This insurance peril covers you for any accidental escape of water from any fixed water apparatus. Typically, this will be from a burst pipe from somewhere in the home. This could be due to freezing, cracking, bursting or overflow from a variety of causes.

Escape of Water

Generally speaking, if water leaks from any water apparatus or pipe, the damage should be covered. However, most insurers won’t cover damage from gradual deterioration or wear and tear (the cover is intended for sudden, unforeseen damage). For instance, sometimes water damage can occur from faulty seals in a bath or shower. Under some policies, this would be regarded as general wear and tear and hence, the damage would not be covered.

It is also important to note that insurers will pay for the water damage caused by the leaking apparatus or pipe but not the pipe itself. However, this is usually a very small expense in relation to the overall claim. The main issue will be dealing with the damage caused by the water leak to the surrounding finishes.

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